Monday, July 7, 2008

Some more sketches, pondering about Baltimore

I almost got everything down on the website. I updated the Sketches and Illustration section with a new piece and a old one. In that order.

The first is an exercise done in Photoshop. I was focusing on my color theory and use of more blues for shading. I kept using grays for the clothes so it still looks bland.

The second was self-portrait done for an college entry portfolio review. It details a daily struggle in my life.

Another thing of note is that I updated the links section with my friends Nate's website. He's a talented cartoonist that has about three self published comic books on sale now plus a sketch book on the way.

He also related something on his facebook website about something that happened to him around May. It's old news, but I just caught wind of it:

I just wanted to share with you all a recent experience in which I was totally screwed by a comic show promoter, James Vaughn of JMV Entertainment. He contacted me about two months ago and invited me to be a guest at the next JMV comic show down in Houston. That was supposed to be today, but when I arrived to the show at the hotel in Houston I was met with a blank stare from the hotel reception person. There was no show scheduled. They'd never heard of JMV Entertainment. There was a hotel lobby full of very pissed off people; exhibitors and artists and comic fans who all came for a show that wasn't there.

Vaughn didn't contact me or anyone else to tell us that the show had been cancelled. I spoke to some of the other invited guests and they are all as pissed as I am. Even as I type this the JMV Entertainment web site is still using my name and a few others to promote the non-show today. I flue to Houston, rented a car and paid for a night in a hotel all for nothing.

-Nate Bramble
I checked his website and I saw that he schedule another "show" in July. I think it's either ineptitude or intentional demeanor for getting plenty of people mad. I'll be wary of this person.

Speaking of conventions, I'm still pondering attending Baltimore Comic-con on September. My friends, including Nate, are all attending, and I find the hotel expenses to be fair. The only problem would be plane tickets...