Friday, March 12, 2010

After Staple 2010

It's been a week since STAPLE, so it's good enough time for me to tell you about it.

Unlike last year, I actually left Dallas early to make it to the pre party and booked a hotel afterward. No driving late night for me. I arrived at Austin Books and Comics fashionably late. I met my friends and other affociandos, had a good time walking around. The store itself is massive and filled with books I haven't even heard of. After that I went to dinner with some peoples at a Thai restaurant, and I had the best noodles in my life. Are you noticing Austin is getting a good record so far in my books?

The day of the show comes and I arrived at the venue on time to set up. It was about an hour and half until showtime and I was walking around bored. Bored, bored , bored. By 10:30 my buddies started to arrived and I finally was able to do some idle conversation to pass the time, I even helped Matthew Warlick with his set up.

11:00 AM, it's showtime! AS usual with most cons, tit starts slow with only a few guests showing up. As time goes on, though, it starts to pick up, and where I was stationed got packed. Lots of traffic. Probably due to Guy Davis being in the same section as I. My neighbors were really friendly and had nice time chatting back and forth.

The day was winding down and we had to finally close down in the evening. I went back to my hotel room and chilled before heading out to the barbecue. The barbecue was excellent! I sat with Mike Hankins, Nate Branble, and Grant Sutherland. Awesome time when I hang out with those guys.

Then off to the after party at Shangri-La. Can't remember much of it except drawing, drinking, and talking to some drunk peeps that were sitting on our table. After that I left for the hotel where I had the mos awesome sleep in years. I didn't wake up until 11:50 AM and left Austin with a smile on my face.

STAPLE is probably one of my best convention experiences ever. One should always come to this show to have fun, and not let things like money and stuff get in the way. I know I don't, and I'll be damn sure to return next year. Thank you, Austin!